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Entertainment, Shopping & Activities

Daleville Town Center, VA is a bustling suburban area located in Botetourt County. The town center is home to a variety of entertainment, activities, and shopping options for residents and visitors alike. Some of the most popular options include:


Hiking and Biking Trails: For outdoor enthusiasts, the nearby Appalachian Trail and Jefferson National Forest offer miles of scenic hiking and biking trails.


Local Wineries and Breweries: There are several local wineries and breweries in the area, offering tastings and tours.


Shopping: The Daleville Town Center offers several shopping options, including big box stores, small specialty shops, and a farmers market.


Restaurants: There is a wide variety of dining options in the area, ranging from fast food to fine dining.


In terms of cost, prices for entertainment and activities in Daleville can vary. Hiking and biking trails are typically free or low-cost, while shopping and dining options can be more expensive. In terms of distance, most of these options are located within a few miles of the Daleville Town Center, making them easily accessible for visitors and residents alike.

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